Student Council

Student Council President Blog, Dec 3rd

This year is just flying by! We are saying good-bye to “Mo”vember and “hello” to December! Once again, another hugely successful month has passed. We have had many important events with CYO sports, Food drives and more.

First, we would like to congratulate all our CYO sports teams for their amazing efforts throughout their seasons. The Jr and Sr. Girls Basketball teams, the Jr Boys and Girls Football teams, and the Sr Boys and Girls Football teams. We would like to congratulate all these teams who never gave up during their season. An extra congratulation to our Sr Girls Football team who won their Division Championship-great job girls! Great job to all teams for making IHM proud! Also, on the 27th our Jr and Sr Hockey teams participated in the HWCDSB Hockey tournament at the Mohawk Quad-Pad. Although the scoreboard did not show what we wanted it to show, we never gave up and had a lot of fun! Great job to all our sports teams! Looking forward to the upcoming school sports!
On Remembrance Day, we held an assembly in the gym. Thank you to our Drama Club for leading in our assembly with your amazing leadership! On this day, the grade 8 students as well as some other schools joined up at the Stoney Creek Cenotaph to have a Remembrance Day ceremony. During this week, we asked students to dress down in red and white and bring in a small donation to go to United Way. Thank you to all who participated! We had a fire truck with multiple fire fighters come to our school to collect canned goods that we had been collecting. Thank you to our grade 6 students who helped transport some of these canned goods and for making the fire fighters feel welcome to our school!

We would like to congratulate all the male staff members in our school community who participated in “Movember.” Also, we would like to thank everyone in our school community for all donations that were submitted into our school. Male staff members, you all looked great!

Finally, on the 22nd we had our student awards assembly. Congratulations to all students who won on of the following awards: The Math Growth Mindset Award; The Responsible Citizen Award; The Caring IHM Family Member Award; The Collaborative Contributor Award, and The Effective Communicator Award. The next awards assembly will be held in March. Good luck to all students!

Once again, another great month in the books! Looking forward to the Christmas season with everyone!

-Matthew M., Student Council President


Student Council President's October Recappic

October has already come to an end. Which was another hugely successful month in the books. How the time flies when you're having fun! We started off our month collecting can food items for our Thanksgiving food drive. For 2 weeks we asked students to please bring in at least 4 can goods. Our school decided to set a goal to raise around 1300 cans. I was not surprised that our school reached our goal and then passed it reaching close to 1400 cans. A huge thank you goes out to every student and staff member who participated in this food drive event. Great job IHM!

Also, the next week Move-a-thon pledge forms were handed out to each student. Our school set a goal to raise $7500 altogether for this fundraiser, while individual classes set smaller goals to motivate students to collect more money from sponsors. On the 30th some members of the parent council counted the money raised for the Move-a-thon fundraiser. It was estimated that our school raised close to $10, 000. Once again thank you to everyone who helped us achieve our goal, congratulations IHM. The next day was the day of the Move-a-thon. On this day students were asked to dress up in their Halloween costumes and dance in the gym. The Student Council would like to thank Adrain Rygiel, Dakota Richards and Masimo Bruno for helping set up all the sound equipment and being our DJ’s for this event. Thank you to everyone that helped set up the gym for the dance.

Congratulations to all students who participated in the Fall Cross-Country event at the start of this month. We are very proud of you for completing the race. Also, congratulations to all our IHM sports teams, who are representing our school to the best of their abilities. Good luck to our football teams who are in action in the playoffs.

Finally, the male staff members of our school will be participating in movember. If you wish to give any donations towards this cause, there will be a bin in the front office that students can put small donations in. I can't wait to see some of the moustaches or beards on our staff members.

I am looking forward to another great month with everyone!

M. Millar, Student Council President