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Fit Friday: We All Have Mental Health

Event Date: May 07, 2021

Being physically active is an important way to support our well-being and manage stress and mental health challenges. Being active improves sleep, enhances confidence, builds social skills, and it’s fun! While being active, invite God to be with you, by offering your activity up to Him. Be attentive to God in the moment, or consider praying during the activity. Make sure to get out outside today and get moving! Be thankful to God as you enjoy the beautiful outdoors that He created!

"O God our Father,
in Jesus you call us to be signs of living faith.
By the light of the Holy Spirit,
lead us to be thankful for the gift of faith,
and by that gift, may we grow in our relationship with Jesus, your Son.
May we be confident witnesses to Christian hope and joy to all we meet.
We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.

 Fit Friday: We All Have Mental Health