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First Reconcilation for Grade 2s-Feb. 10th

Event Date: Feb 10, 2019

Please note the revised date of Feb. 10, 2019 (postponed from Dec. 2018). The following is a message from the Parish:

We will begin at 2:30p.m. followed by Mass at 4p.m.

We would also like to have refreshments for the children before Mass as they will not be receiving the Eucharist but will be able to receive a blessing at Mass.

We invite the parents/guardians to participate in the Mass for those three weeks, to read the first & second readings.

The children will take up the gifts, and read the petitions, but we would ask that the children who have participated in the First Reconciliation ceremony not take a role in the Mass.

We would like all the children to participate in both as it is their day.

We thank you for your continued support.

First Reconcilation for Grade 2s-Feb. 10th